SB>1 DEFIANT™ JMR Technology Demonstrator

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SB>1 DEFIANT™ JMR Technology Demonstrator

Sikorsky, and partner Boeing, are proving the scalability and tailorability of Sikorsky's Collier award-winning X2 Technology™ through SB>1 DEFIANT™. Being developed for the U.S. Army's  joint multi-role technology demonstration program, this medium-class technology demonstrator will help inform the next generation of military helicopters. 

Sikorsky and Boeing are also partnered on the medium-lift aircraft for the U.S. Government's Future Vertical Lift program of record. The U.S. Government is expected to release the Request for Proposal for the medium-lift aircraft in 2019.

"The intent of the JMR TD effort is to maximize the knowledge gain and risk reduction toward an anticipated future vertical lift acquisition program."
~ Dan Bailey, Program Director, Joint Multi-Role/Future Vertical Lift, AMRDEC, U.S. Army

SB>1 DEFIANT™: The Way Forward

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