Making a Difference Where We Live and Work

Our employees are no stranger to service. Whether through duty in the Armed Forces or community outreach where we live and work, the Lockheed Martin team knows what it means to give back.

With approximately 105,000 employees across the globe, the impact of our team through community service is vast. This year, 2,418 Lockheed Martin employees were honored with a President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) for their substantial work in 2018. Twenty three of those also received the prestigious Lifetime Service Award for 4,000 or more hours.

If you really want to know the heart of Lockheed Martin, meet Jim, Rachel, Wayne, Daniel, Carl and Anna.

Jim Brodnick

How does one help change the future? For Jim Brodnick, there are two choices for every situation—you can complain, or you can do something about it. He decided to do something. Jim has spent over 4 thousand hours volunteering and received Gold recognition for volunteering in 2018 with an astounding 794 hours recorded.

A Lockheed Martin employee for 13 years, Jim is passionate about STEM and loves volunteering with FIRST® Robotics. Not only has it provided him the opportunity to create memorable memories, but Jim has helped youth learn about what it means to be on a team and communicating with your team to succeed. That is what he believes volunteering is all about—making an impact on the future and gaining key experiences while you give. Throughout the years, Jim has even taken the experiences and friendships he gained through volunteerism and applied it to his work at Lockheed Martin.

Even with a fulltime work schedule and family, Jim still makes it a priority to volunteer. “You will always take time for what you are passionate about…if you wait until you have time, you will have missed the opportunity. Start small but start. Find something you are passionate about and look for a place to volunteer doing it. I can guarantee you will not have to look far to find a need” he advises.

Rachel Maslan

You could say Rachel Maslan’s life is for the birds. Or cats. Or dogs. Or just about any other animal that comes into the Montgomery County Humane Society in need of help or a loving home.

Since 2013, Rachel has spent between four and nine hours a day every Saturday, Sunday and every other Friday volunteering at her local Humane Society shelter. From cleaning cages and feeding, bathing and comforting animals to supporting new adoptive pet parents and training other volunteers, Rachel can pretty much do it all. She even steps up to help out on major holidays including Christmas and New Year’s to make sure the animals are cared for when everyone else is on vacation.

Rachel’s passion for volunteering with animals came after adopting her first cat, Bella, in 2009. “It’s been an amazing experience,” Rachel said of pet ownership, “and I want to be able to help others have what I have.”

Beyond her work with the Humane Society, Rachel also spent many years volunteering with the US0, helping organize care package stuffing parties and providing support at military hospitals.

Rachel’s dedication to volunteerism has earned her a President’s Volunteer Service Award (PVSA) for 13 of the past 15 years. And, in 2017, was presented with the PVSA Lifetime Award for reaching 4,000 total hours of community service.

When asked what advice Rachel would give to others considering volunteering int their communities, she said, “Find out what you have a passion for and pursue it. Look into different organizations and find a place that feels like the right fit.”

Wayne Begnaud

Faith and a heart for service drive Wayne Begnaud to give. Part of the visual communications team in Palmdale, Wayne has committed to volunteer every Friday at Hope Chapel Food Bank without fail. Wayne has been part of Lockheed Martin for 38 years and has accrued over 4,000 hours of community service hours; in 2018 alone, he accrued over 500 hours.

But the number of hours isn’t something Wayne is keeping tabs on. He does it selflessly, whether it’s packing food for people at the food bank or actively going to homeless encampments to feed those in need.

“I think we are wired to serve others in whatever capacity it is,” he said. “Naturally I’m an introvert, going out to help others pulls me out of my comfort zone. It’s not as hard when you are helping others.”

Daniel Cook

Daniel Cook recently joined Lockheed Martin as a Graduate Systems Engineer after spending 3 years working as a Police Officer in the United Kingdom.

Daniel started volunteering for the police during his final year of university before graduating and joining the force full time. Daniel ultimately wanted to pursue a career in engineering and applied to Lockheed Martin due to their innovation, opportunities and values. However, he continues to pursue his love for helping others and doing what’s right by volunteering in his spare time as a Special Constable where he has the same powers and authority as his full-time counterparts.

“Volunteering has given me the opportunity to give something back to my community in a wide variety of different ways. It’s an incredible honour to be someone that people will turn to in moments of crisis and an absolute pleasure to assist members of public in any way that I can.”

Daniel completes 50 hours of operational duties each month which consists of 999 responding, neighbourhood patrols and mentoring other officers. He was recently awarded a chief officer’s commendation for exceptional bravery after protecting a family from a knife-wielding attacker, highlighting the contribution he makes.

Carl Jackson

Carl Jackson’s passion for STEM volunteerism began as a child. “I was blessed with an opportunity in high school to gain exposure to STEM classes and projects. In college I was introduced to industry information sessions and internships,” said Carl.  Those experiences in high school and college spurred the motivation and built the foundation for his career. He now works to pay it forward by providing K-12 and college students those foundational experiences in the Baltimore, Maryland region.  In 2017, Carl logged more than 800 hours of volunteer time thanks to his support of nonprofits and school STEM organizations.

Anna Porter

Anna Porter has a passion for inspiring the next generation of engineers.  She finds that many times, students these days don’t know all the different types of engineering that exist or what the possibilities are. To help introduce them to the possibilities, she works booths at local school district career fairs in order to share all the exciting things Lockheed Martin does and speaks to students about what they should study in order to become engineers. Her goal is to get students excited about STEM fields and working for Lockheed Martin. She also enjoys mentoring interns and other employees to share what she has learned to help them navigate their careers and inspire or future workforce. Lastly, in conjunction with the WIN and HOLA ERGs Anna tries to reach out to those that are disadvantaged including women, minorities, and low-income both to let them know there is nothing that should stop them from trying to achieve their dreams and to contribute to helping ensure a diverse workforce.